1. Warranty card for hi- wall series only

IAPL GROUP PVT. LTD. Warrants to the purchaser of this Mitsubishi Heavy Duty Room Air Conditioners for a period of 12 (twelve) months from the date of purchase/installation. The company will repair or replace free of charge any part or parts of the airconditioner as per the terms listed overleaf.

2. 5 (five) year warranty on compressor of the ac unit compressor warranty is subject to minimum 2 nos. Of periodic service on annual basis from authorised dealer/ service center

IAPL GROUP PVT. LTD. Warrants to the purchaser of this Mitsubishi Heavy Duty Room Air conditioners an additional 4 (four) years warranty on compressor. The company will replace free of charge the compressor (compressor only), which proves upon inspection by IAPL GROUP PVT. LTD. or any of its Authorized Sales & Service Channel Partner to have been defective due to faulty material or workmanship under the following conditions.

1. The supply voltage to the unit should be maintained within a range of 230 Valts+_10%.

2. Installation/ maintenance/ repair done by unauthorized personnel.

3. Warranty Terms & Conditions
This warranty period will be governed by the following conditions.

1. This warranty will automatically be terminated on the date of expiry of the above period, irrespective of whether during the warranty the air conditioner has been not in use for any time, for any reason whatsoever including any technical break downs, time taken for repairs, replacement and transit, power cuts, restrictions etc.

2.(a) Subject to the above clause part of the air conditioner found defective, due to faulty material of workmanship, during the warranty period, shall be repaired or replaced by the company or authorized sales and service channel partner.

(b) However if the ac unit is installed outside the municipal limits of the town, all expenses incurred in sending and collecting the unit or parts, thereof from the company or authorized sales & service channel partners will be to the customer’s account.

3. The warranty expended herein is in lieu of implied conditions and warranties under the low and is confined to the repair or replacement of defective parts and does not cover any consequential or resulting liability, damage or loss arising from such defects. Further more of the warranty, in no case, shall extended to the payment of any monitory consideration whatsoever or the replacement or return of the airconditioners as whole.

4. (a) Its an obligatory condition of this warranty that any change in the location of the unit or ownership thereof must be intimated in writing to the company or authorized sales & service channel partners as the case may be, with a copy to the company, 10 days in advance before such a change take place. Failure to do so will absolve the company or authorized sales & sevice channel partners of the obligation under this warranty.


(a) Installation or repairs is carried out by any Unauthorized personnel.

(b) Installation done without VACCUMING of the AC units.

(c) Any components failed due to the abnormal power supply (i.e. If the failure happens due to power supply exceeding 243 V or dropping below 203 V).

(d) In the opinion of the company, the air conditioners is modified or improperly installed or repaired.

(e) Any damages are caused during transit, by accident, fire, food abuse, rodents or misuse.

(f) Original serial/ compressor number on the ac unit or the cabinet is removed, altered erased, obliterate/ missing.

(g) If the customer fails to produce the copy of the warranty registration card (duty filled) signed and stamped by the Authorized Sales & Service Channel Partner.

6. Any failure arising due to defecting voltage stabilizers, inappropriate electrical wiring size, electrical earthing etc. are not covered under this warranty.

7. Warranty does not cover any corrosive / polluted atmosphere that will effect the AC units.

8. This warranty is issued at Delhi and courts at Delhi shall have exclusive jurisdiction over matters covered by or following from the warranty clause.

9. The AC unit is not used according the instructions given in the user’s manual.

10. Any defect arising due to plastic components/ remote control breakage, evaporative or condenser coil deliberate damage.