Uses an external variable frequency drive – to control the speed of the compressor. The refrigerant flow rate is changed by the change in the speed of compressor. The turndown ratio depends on the system configuration and manufacturer. It modulates from 15 or 25% up to 100% at full capacity with a single inverter from 12 to 100% with a hybrid tandem.

Inverter Technology

All Mitsubishi Heavy Products bring you cutting edge technology, superior cooling and designs that are compatible with the latest building management systems. Mitsubishi Heavy’s latest offering, the 100% inverter Variable refrigerant flow system. Based on proven Inverter Compressor Technology, the Inverter VRF system is ideal for multi – zoned spaces such as luxury apartment complexes, condominiums, villas, multi-cabin office spaces and commercial complexes.

How it Works

Conventional compressors work on the cut in and cut out method, thereby offering either full or zero capacity to the air conditioning system. Mitsubishi Heavy’s full inverter compressors comes with a fine control that allows capacity variation. This helps the system deliver cooling at a capacity that is needed at that point of time. This unique, Inverter technology makes the Inverter VRF system accurate, reliable & highly energy efficient.

Economic Operation

Impressively low operating cost is a key advantage of inverter air conditioners. We’ve combined advanced inverter technologies with cutting-edge electronics and mechanical technologies to achieve a synergistic effect that enables improvements in heating/cooling performance efficiency. Better performance and lower energy consumption are the result.

Actual Comfort

Simple comparison of air conditioner operation control with and without inverter. Inverter Operation Image (cooling mode).

Quick & Powerful

Increasing the compressor motor speed by controlling the operation frequency ensures powerful output at start-up, brings the room temperature to the Comfort Zone faster than units not equipped with an inverter. Hot rooms are cooled, and cold rooms are heated faster and more efficiently.

Room Temperature Maintained

The compressor motor operating frequency and the change of room temperature are monitored to calculate the most efficient waveform to maintain the room temperature in the Comfort Zone. This eliminates the large temperature swings common with non-inverter systems, and guarantees a pleasant, comfortable environment.